All the information about home schooling laws and regulations in Finland for those interested is presented in this category.


Home Schooling Laws in Finland.

boy_readingHome education is officially permitted in Finland.
There is neither about 300 Finnish children home school at the moment, but most of them are school-at-homers. 

 Natural Learning or unschooling approach is not very frequent, though some families use it effectively. Recently more and more home schooling families in Finland have started to join to networks and organize home schooling supporting groups and organizations.
 Education in Finland is compulsory, but children do not   obliged to go to school to get good education. Compulsory education begins at the age of seven, and is completed when a student has effectively completed comprehensive school or equivalent studies.

Parents have a great opportunity to choose to home school their children or not. If they home educate their children, the state and school have almost no control over the methods used by them. The only thing required by the municipal officials is that the child has to learn almost every subject taught at school.